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In this page you will see all the projects members of the Open Cosmos Alliance.

Active Projects[edit]

Dead Projects[edit]

If you are interested by the sources of some of these OS, here is a repository including many of these dead projects.

  • NoobOS (Aurora, Aleksi and Kenneth)
  • EnvyOS (Henry, Luke and Scifiboi)
  • Grunty OS: Infinity (Grunt)
  • Mirus (Josh)
  • WitchcraftOS
  • Aza DOS
  • Quicksilver OS
  • String OS
  • ChronOS
  • Shard
  • Intrexity OS
  • FlowDOS
  • HawkEyeOS
  • UniqOS
  • Velocity OS
  • Sharp
  • GLo

Projects no longer in the NOCA[edit]