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In this page you will see all the projects members of the Open Cosmos Alliance.

Active Projects

Dead Projects

If you are interested by the sources of some of these OS, here is a repository including many of these dead projects.

  • NoobOS (Aurora, Aleksi and Kenneth)
  • EnvyOS (Henry, Luke and Scifiboi)
  • Grunty OS: Infinity (Grunt)
  • Mirus (Josh)
  • WitchcraftOS
  • Aza DOS
  • Quicksilver OS
  • String OS
  • ChronOS
  • Shard
  • Intrexity OS
  • FlowDOS
  • HawkEyeOS
  • UniqOS
  • Velocity OS
  • Sharp
  • GLo

Projects no longer in the NOCA